Wedding Testimonials..

"Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so touching and memorable. It was a truly magical experience for both of us and the atmosphere you created was exactly what we were hoping for. You had all of us captured by your wonderful words but it was still very relaxed and fun, the special words you prepared for us meant a lot and we look forward to fulfilling all of those beautiful promises. Thanks again Barbara.
kind regards"

"Dear Barbara. Thank you so much for your assistance in making our wedding day everything we dreamed it would be, Your very professional service and fantastic attitude as well as your attention to detail has helped create our memory of the day for years to come. The ceremony came together beautifully and your expertise and professional manner really showed on the day. We are both very appreciative of your guidance and help on our big day.
Thank you so much".

"Many thanks for a wonderfully planned day. You were amazing thank you for your calming presence and support over the days of our wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, our favourite part of the day".
(K & D)

"Thank you for officiating at our wedding, we thought you did a fantastic job and really appreciated your total commitment and professionalism. We have had many positive comments about the role you played".
(S & M)

"This is a special thanks to a special person, Barbara Sorry it has been delayed 6 years, but in our hearts, the words will always there. Just like the colours of the photos, it hasn't faded. Your wonderful voice, our wonderful smiles, people's wonderful laughter on the wedding day. They all go in one box 'marriage life'. Now up pops a lovely little girl called Isla, and she is one year old. That's what your voice has wished for us.

Thank you very much, Barbara"
love Ying, Chris and Isla.

Naming Ceremonies..


Barbara James- Bartle.

An experienced marriage celebrant. Examples of ceremony are not displayed on this site , as each is personal and exclusive. We all speak words of love differently.

Although my own local area is Auckland I can conduct marriages anywhere in New Zealand at your request. I invite overseas visitors and NZ residents to take advantage of this magnificent country in a venue or location of your choosing for your special occasion.

I am a professional Celebrant and have a good clear voice. My approach is relaxed. A four-year residency in the US has enabled me to heighten my skills creating ceremony for a large variety of occasions both in the US. and the UK. Australia & of course New Zealand.

"Thank you for making our wedding day so wonderful, you made getting married a breeze! We enjoyed the ceremony so much you did an amazing job and made it all the more special for us. Thank you".
(K & R)

"We would like to let you know how much we enjoyed our wedding and how grateful we are for your contribution to our special day. We chose you because of your warmth and professionalism. Your thoughts and advice proved to be invaluable and the ceremony itself could not have been better".
(T & M)


Ruby's blessing.